What to do if your child isn’t getting the right nutrition?

As a mother, these questions are certainly on your mind –

“Is my child eating right?”
“Is my child eating enough?”
“How do I make sure that my child gets the required nutrition?”
“How do I make sure that my child is growing right?”

Making sure that your child is getting all the needed nutrition and growing healthy, starts with finding the right balance of eating enough and eating right.

If you’re dealing with a picky eater, there’s nothing to worry about. It’s more common than you think. For many children, mealtime is a chore, and just like a chore, they try to get through it as quickly as possible. Often at the cost of not finishing their meals. This is what we call lack of adequate intake. The results of which are often a weaker immunity system and stunted growth as compared to other kids. The impact of the latter can go beyond physical growth difficulties. It can lead to lethargy and hamper your child’s confidence and willingness to give their best at school, and other aspects of life.

Picky eaters who do eat enough, tend to be extremely selective about what they eat. So, if your child is one too, you probably have to exclude fruits, vegetables, dairy or poultry products from the meals you prepare. Other than making meal preps hard for you, this also prevents your child from getting all the nutrients he or she needs for healthy growth and overall cognitive development. You might not see the impact immediately, but they become more apparent as the child gets older.

Finding ways to make meals more interesting is just as tedious as getting your kids to eat right. The easier way out is adding a nutrition supplement to his or her diet, like PediaSure 2+.

It’s a wholesome nutrition supplement that makes every meal complete. With 37 vital nutrients and 28 essential vitamins and minerals, PediaSure 2+ fills in the nutritional gaps caused by any feeding difficulties that your child might be showcasing. By balancing out every meal, PediaSure 2+ reduces the factors that might lead to growth faltering and gives you the reassurance that no matter what your child’s eating patterns are, he or she is getting the needed nourishment.

It comes in four delicious flavours that are hard for any picky eater to refuse. You can take your pick from the PediaSure 2+ range depending on what age group your child is in. Every glassful is a specially designed formula that helps prevent any physical or cognitive development issues that poor nutrition could lead to, in the near future.

You must be wondering if PediaSure 2+ really works, and if it’s safe for your child. Well, that is understandable as there are plenty of articles on the internet that discourage supplements. To reassure you, we have done 20 clinical studies with proven results that PediaSure 2+ is 100% effective, and these studies were conducted over the span of 25 years to ensure consistency.

As far as being safe goes, PediaSure 2+ is not lactose free. It contains clinically insignificant amount of lactose. Pediasure is suitable for lactose intolerance. PediaSure is gluten-free and has no trans fats. Making it completely safe and highly recommended.

So, add a glassful to your child’s meals and see the difference.



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