Other supplements simply do not measure up

When it comes to your kids, you never settle for anything but the best. From the school they go to, to the clothes they wear, to the classes you choose where they can unleash their talents. So why should you settle for anything less when it comes to their nutrition?

PediaSure 2+ not only gives your kids the very best of a balanced nourishment but is also the best complete nutritional supplement available in the region.

Now that certainly sounds like a tall claim, doesn’t it? Well, we take our claims seriously. And we wouldn’t want you or any parent to just take our word for it. Because when it comes to your kids, it’s the best or nothing. That’s why we conducted a thorough competitive analysis between PediaSure 2+ and two of the region’s largest nutritional supplement brands for kids by comparing several key aspects that make any supplement effective. When compared on each of these parameters, PediaSure 2+ came out on top in every single one of them.

The ability to provide sufficient energy that helps with sustained growth over a period of time is the first crucial factor. Choosing a supplement with a high calorie density is the most effective way to give any child the energy they need. While the other two brands did have a passable calorie count, PediaSure 2+ proved to be the only one to offer a high calorie density of 1kcal per ml.

The second key aspect is for a supplement to help better a child’s immunity, support overall growth and build a healthier appetite. When compared to the other two brands, PediaSure 2+ proved to be the only one with a scientifically formulated triple protein complex called Triple Sure that does all three. With added DHA, PediaSure 2+ even supports brain function and improves the central nervous health of children between the ages of 2 and 10.

The third is the ability of a supplement to improve the breakdown of food and boost the absorption of the essential nutrients. A lipid blend with MCT helps do both. As per the research, only two out of the three brands had a lipid blend with MCT, one of them being PediaSure 2+.

A healthy gut is the first step to building immunity. So, a supplement also needs to be a good source of pre and pro biotics that keep the gut healthy. Once again, this symbiotic blend was found to be present in PediaSure 2+, and only one of the two other brands.

Finally, no matter how good a supplement says it is, based on claims you see in their advertising, the true test for how effective a supplement can be, is whether or not it can prove so through extensive studies and clinical testing. The only brand between the three to have conducted 20 studies over the span of 25 years that verify efficacy and safety, is PediaSure 2+. Proving that it truly helps show results in the first 4 weeks, and visible growth after just 8.



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