Healthy growth starts with optimal nutrition

Every mother faces the feeling of helplessness when their child doesn’t eat right. As a mother, you’d have done everything to counter your child’s difficult eating habits. Giving into your child’s demands to get them to eat enough only leads to you feeling guilty about the choice of nutrition. Because eating right is more important than eating enough to feel full.

This leads to most moms like you figuring out new and innovative ways to get your kids interested in the food that is good for them. Let’s face it, after a point, being innovative can become exhausting. You’ll never admit it. Because you don’t want to be seen as a mother who doesn’t try enough.

Well, there is another way to have that peace of mind and be assured that your child is getting the optimal nutrition he or she needs, without struggling to find new ways of keeping them interested. One that is trusted by mothers from all around the world and is clinically proven to start showing visible results in just the first 4 weeks.

PediaSure 2+. A complete nutritional supplement that gives your kids and you, what we like to call, a nutrition insurance policy. It fills the nutritional gap left behind due to picky eating or an unusually small appetite, leading to consistent physical growth, improved energy levels, and cognitive development.

Being the only nutritional supplement in the market with TripleSure, a specially synthesised Triple Protein Complex, PediaSure 2+ aids with healthy growth by giving your kids the 37 essential nutrients, such as a wide variety of vitamins and minerals that they need, during their early developing years. Adding the recommended servings of PediaSure 2+ to the kid’s daily diet also reduces their picky eating tendencies as it improves their appetite and develops an interest towards a wider variety of nutritious food.

It also comes packed with prebiotics and probiotics that improve your child’s immunity, leading to lesser sick days from school and other activities they enjoy.

The effects of PediaSure 2+ have been tested over two decades to give guaranteed results, making it the No. 1 recommended brand by Pediatricians from across KSA and the Gulf.

Chances that picky eaters would be interested in a nutritional supplement seem slim. That is why PediaSure 2+ comes in four irresistible flavours that are loved by kids all over the world.

PediaSure 2+ is a favourite amongst kids, no matter their taste preference. It’s an ally for all moms struggling to ensure that there are no nutritional gaps in their kid’s diets. It’s the easiest way to give them all the nutrition they need while growing up. The results are almost instantaneous, and consistently improve over their development phase.

So, if you’re wondering what to do to ensure that your kids eat right, you can be sure with PediaSure 2+.



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