How often have you heard people say that tall parents have tall kids? While the height factor is largely a genetic bi-product, whether or not the child grows tall in his developing years is a result of adequate and appropriate nutrition, or the lack of it.

Not getting the right nutrition in the right proportions can lead to a long list of challenges that your kids might face in their early years. One of the key ones being stunted growth. While being shorter isn’t something that bothers most adults, for kids, it has a severe impact on their confidence and willingness to give their best.

The most effective way to overcome any growth faltering is to introduce a nutritional supplement to the child’s daily diet. PediaSure provides a balance of 37 essential nutrients along with 28 vitamins and minerals that give kids all the nourishment they need during their growing years. But what are these nutrients and how do they impact growth?

We conducted several studies to answer this question. Here are the results.

Niacin, commonly known as Vitamin B3, is important for improving brain function. Levels of this nutrient have been seen going up from 92.1% to 100% in the first 4 weeks.

Riboflavin or Vitamin B2 is crucial for overall good health as it helps break down carbohydrates and fats. In 4 weeks, it has risen from 80.9% to 100%.

Thiamine or Vitamin B1 is known to play a key role in glucose metabolism to release energy, improve nerve, muscle and heart function. The levels of this vitamin have risen from 76.4% to 100%.

Vitamin C, which is commonly known to boost the immunity system and overall development, has risen from 52.8% to 97.4%.

Vitamin A is another key nutrient. It also helps with keeping the immunity system strong, aids in healthy growth and improves eyesight. The levels of this vitamin were seen rising from 61.8% to 91%.

Iron helps reduce fatigue and boost a child’s immunity. With PediaSure, the levels were seen rising from 59.6% to 98.7% over the span of a month.

Calcium, the source of stronger bones and teeth, saw an increase from 50.1% to 93.5%.

Proteins are known as the building blocks of bones, muscles, skin and blood. From an average of 80.9%, the levels of Protein rose to 90.3%.

The levels of energy that the children were able to extract from all the essential nutrients also went up from 38.2% to 60%.

Parents reported sustained increase in height and a significant rise in physical activity in their kids after the first 4 weeks of adding PediaSure to their balanced diets. That is just the beginning.

By the 8th week they saw an improvement in weight gain, which was in proportion to the inches the children were gaining in height, making them look and feel healthier too.

By the 12th week, the gradual increase in height became steady, giving parents the assurance that their kids weren’t going to suffer from stunted growth.

As the 16th week came along, the kids began to show more interest in different kinds of food, and voluntarily chose a much wider variety of meals. Naturally, this led to healthier growth and better immunity. Or in school terms, fewer sick days.

48 weeks into PediaSure being a part of several meals in the day, parents were thrilled to discover that their kids continued to show proportionate increase in height. There was nothing stopping them now from sustaining this development throughout their formative years.



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