Do growing kids need the right quantity or right quality of nutrition?

Have you ever wondered what’s more important between the right quality of nutrition and the adequate quantity of nutrition that your child needs? As a mother, we’re certain that the thought pops into your mind during every mealtime.

The truth is that both are equally important. Your kids need the best of both to ensure no gaps in nourishment. Because the right balance is what helps them grow right physically, and aids in their cognitive development. It’s not just about kids eating their vegetables, fruits, fish or poultry, it’s about the right food groups in the right proportions that give them the appropriate nutrients at that age. It’s no secret that kids love healthy eating just as much as they love extra homework. Leading to picky eating, or a host of other feeding difficulties.

The results of which are stunted growth, poor concentration, low energy and a lack of confidence. Sounds troubling doesn’t it? Don’t worry, we have a solution. The easiest way to minimise the impact of such behaviour is to add a supplement to their meals.

PediaSure gives your kids the complete balanced nutrition they need along with their meals. It is packed with type 1 and 2 vital nutrients needed to prevent any growth faltering.

Let’s simplify that a little by drawing a comparison with a drink that is synonymous with healthy growth – milk. We’ve all grown up learning that milk is essential to becoming stronger, taller and sharper. Well, 1 serving of PediaSure has the calories of 1.5 servings of regular milk. Giving your kids more energy per glass. Let’s say you give your child a glass and a half of milk a day. With PediaSure, you only need to give 1. To add to that, the special formula is designed keeping the growth patterns of kids in mind. That’s why it comes packed with 37 essential nutrients, 28 vitamins and minerals, a triple protein complex called Triple Sure, and an advanced carbohydrate blend. This makes every glass the perfect bridge between the nourishment they need, and the nutrients they are losing out on because of their picky eating habits.

You’re probably wondering that if your kids are picky about what they eat, or never finish what’s on their plates, what are the chances that they won’t do the same with a supplement. The reason for these feeding difficulties could range from a dislike towards the texture of some preparations, the smell, the chewiness, to the most common one, the taste.

That’s why PediaSure comes in 4 absolutely delicious flavours. Classic Vanilla, Milk Chocolate, Sweet Honey and Fresh Strawberry. All of which have been tested with kids and proven to be irresistible.

If your kids aren’t really fans of the taste of milk, PediaSure is gluten and lactose free. Making it safe, delicious and highly effective for all kids from ages 1 to 10.

Instead of worrying about their growth, you will see them becoming healthier than ever and even develop an improved immunity system due to the unique symbiotic blend of probiotics and prebiotics.



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