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Published : Oct 17, 2018

Child Growth Products For Childhood Nutrition

12 Months and Onwards

Once your child turns one year old, you can start introducing more foods, the same as what you eat, but in smaller portions. However, continue giving your child breast or formula milk to ensure that he consistently gets a good amount of essential nutrients.

Here are some tips for making sure your toddler gets the nutrients he needs:

  • To prevent constipation (a common digestive problem among toddlers), make sure your child drinks enough water and gets fiber from fruits, vegetables, and whole grain foods.
  • Don't give your child heavily spiced, salted, or sweetened foods. The additional artificial flavors will prevent your toddler from experiencing the natural taste of foods. These additives are also harmful to their good health.
  • In addition to milk, you can now introduce yogurt and cheese to your child to boost his protein and calcium intake.
  • Offer your child a variety of foods. This way, he will learn to be more accepting of a larger diversity of foods as he grows older.
  • Lastly, toddlers will usually experience a decrease in appetite at this stage. However, do not force your child to eat more than what he needs. Simply offer smaller portions of healthy food and let your little one choose what and how much to eat.

Even before you get pregnant and give birth, nutrition already plays an important role in the growth and development of your baby. You can make sure you have a healthy child by having a healthy pregnancy and continuing to nourish your little one with milk and the right foods as he grows older.



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